Cannot connect to SightLine Hardware with Panel Plus, even though the unit and the IP address appears correct.

If there are no problems with the firewall settings on your PC, remove the parameter file using the 1500-OEM / 3000-OEM Upgrade Utility. This will allow you to connect to the unit with Panel Plus. 

See the EAN-Firmware Upgrade Utility document for additional parameter file management information.                       

  1. From the Start menu on your PC, go to SightLine Applications and open the appropriate upgrade utility application.
  2. Click the Find IP Addresses button.
  3. Select the IP address of the board.
  4. From the main menu, go to File » Parameter File » Remove Parameter File.
  5. Close the upgrade utility.
  6. Cycle the board power.
  7. In Panel Plus, wait for the system to boot, and then try connecting to the board.

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