Cannot connect Panel Plus to the 1500-OEM / 3000-OEM through a serial port.

The most common issue is that TX and RX lines are not connected properly.

  • Ensure that the serial port is configured properly using Panel Plus. The serial port should be set for SIGHTLINE PROTOCOL (and not passthrough, or similar).
  • Check the Baud rate is set to 57600.
  • Add a NULL adapter between the SLA system and the host PC.
  • You can also swap pins 2 and 3 on your DB9 connector.
  • Verify you are connected to one of the RS-232 level serial ports and not the 3.3V serial port available on many of the adapter boards.

See the startup user guides for details on connecting to the serial port.

EAN-Setup Guide - 1500-OEM and EAN-Startup Guide 3000-OEM

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